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How To Choose Yourself

The great thing about having a job is it gives you a captive audience of other humans to flirt with and have sex with. You know what I'm talking about. Don't deny it.

Oh, one more good thing about a job: you RENT the company, you don't OWN the company.

In other words, you can leave any time you want. You don't have to care about customers, shareholders, colleagues (except maybe the ones you are having sex with).

The bad thing about a job is for all the reasons I outlined in about 30 posts and in my book, "Choose Yourself!":

  • your income has been going down versus inflation
  • the trend is that you are about to get fired and you are in denial about that.
  • you can't build wealth at the job (expenses, taxes, exploitation, etc)
  • you're trapped all day long with these people (your forced "friends") who are backstabbing you.
  • you have to kiss ass to your boss.
  • you aren't allowed to build other income streams in most cases.

And many more.

People ask me, "But what if i'm not an entrepreneur".

I'm not saying go build a tech startup or buy a convenience store. I don't want to do these things either.


I think Jesus or Buddha said this: You are the CEO of your life.

For the past 100 years people outsourced their lives to corporations. This was the great scam of corporatism.

Starting a business is not safer. Most small businesses go out of business. Particularly the ones I've been CEO of.

You can't outsource your life anymore. The world is not allowing it. Just like it didn't allow it for the first 400,000 years humans were around.

When you treat your life as if it were a business that you need to manage then you will achieve great success (however you define success is up to you).

This is not self-help bullshit. This is not magic. This is reality.

Here's how I treat my life like a business.

First is STEP ONE: I divide it up into different departments and make sure each department is working well.

A) Physical. If your body is not working then how will the rest of your life work? Your body is the only way we can get things done. If you are sick, your "business" will fail. And it's really simple: eat well and sleep well.

B ) Emotional. You wouldn't hire people who were bad for your business.

So don't be friends or family with people who are bad for you. Don't do business with people who are bad for you or who lie to you or who you need to manipulate to succeed.

C) Mental. When you read a lot, it's as if you are absorbing the lives of all the people you read. You aren't just living your meager life but all of these other people's lives.

Then, when you write down ideas, it's as if you have 100 brains inside your head writing down ideas, exercising your idea muscle. That turns you into a superhero.

D) Spiritual. A lot of people are afraid, or doubtful or angry. Every day I have to avoid being angry or plagued by the past.

Try to catch yourself doing that. Try to catch yourself when you are angry or resentful. Replace it with thoughts of gratitude or abundance.

Again, not in a "think and grow rich" sort of way. It's just that anger stabs you and abundance feeds you.

When I look into the mirror, often the first thing I see is my chin (which I haven't liked since I was a kid) or my hair (ditto) or whatever bad thing I don't like about myself.

BUT I CAN'T CHANGE THE REFLECTION. I can only change me.

[Skipping right past Steps TWO through NINE]

Here is step TEN:

You are still the CEO. Now you are:

A) managing about 20 different streams of income. None of the streams are that dependent on any of the other streams.

A job can be one income stream. And a business. But there are many more.

B ) probably managing or interacting with the 100 or so people (not employees but colleagues) who are helping you deal your different streams.

You don't need to hire them because employees own you. The key is to not be OWNED.

C) Coming up with more and more ideas every day on how to extend your income down each stream as well as develop new streams.

D) Experiencing the bliss of creativity. When you are the CEO of your life, every day is an act of creativity.

F) Freedom to pursue your choices in every way: your friends, your family, where you live, what art you create today.

But what about steps TWO through NINE?

Do Step One well.

There are plenty of excuses you can come up with. There are plenty of complaints. There are plenty of angry, vicious, unconscious people, who will try and stop you. Don't blame them.

They can't help it. They are on Step ZERO. or Step IMAGINARY.

Take a 30 day diet from excuses and complaints so you can start with Step One. You need a cleansing first. Else this won't work.

I had to start at Step ZERO as little as three years ago. This is not a BS thing. I would look in the mirror and only see the bad. In me and in the world.

When you do Step ONE, the reflection in the mirror will begin to change. Don't look for the bad things. Practice looking for the good things in the mirror.

Then you will see Step TWO in front of you. It's been in the mirror this entire time.

I'm really excited for you. It will happen faster than you realize.

Meet me in Florida next year for a game of ping pong.